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Wine Master Special Edition photo - Click to see a larger version. Wine Master Special Edition
SKU: 415-SE06

Now, with the Wine Master Special Edition, you can choose the perfect wine—whether you are in the wine aisle or your favorite restaurant! From the main menu, select RATED WINES to access over 10,000 wine ratings and reviews, or select SAVED to access information on up to 25 favorite wines you have stored in memory. Select FOOD & WINE to view food/wine pairings, WINE BASICS to learn wine fundamentals, WINE TASTING to review wine tasting descriptors, GLOSSARY for definitions of basic wine terms, or SETUP to change settings. After selecting RATED WINES, you can quickly zero in on a specific wine by selecting winery/brand, wine type, grape variety, country, rating or price. A “+” at the end of a line indicates there is more information to select. Quickly choose wines based on Wine Enthusiast Magazine ratings. Wine Master Special Edition is shaped like a wine bottle. Turn its “cork” to scroll through reviews, or push it to select a function. The Wine Enthusiast logo is a registered trademark of the Wine Enthusiast, Inc.® ©2003 The Wine Enthusiast, Inc.

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