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King Arthur Deluxe - Simulated Wood grain photo - Click to see a larger version. King Arthur Deluxe - Simulated Wood grain
SKU: 915W

The simulated wood grain electronic chess computer with a super-large LCD display! It's unique display shows entire chess board and pieces while simulating the moves on the full-size board. Features 73 power levels with a strength rating up to 1750. Unique 7-digit LCD allows play with or without chess pieces. Help feature evaluates your positions. Rating feature gives you a personal rating after each game and stores it in memory to track improvement. Keeps a tally of wins, losses and draws. Book-Opening Trainer teaches the most popular openings, such as the Ruy Lopez and Sicilian. Unique scoring feature tracks learning and progress by awarding points for each correct move. Checkmate Trainer tutors you in checkmate-solving problems. 16 Greatest Games feature lets you replay the greatest games in history! Each game is accompanied by explanations and annotations in your manual! Threat Warning indicator alerts you when a major piece is under attack! For the accomplished chess player, provides a fun way to play blindfold chess.

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