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Grand Master Platinum - The power and the feel of championship play! photo - Click to see a larger version. Grand Master Platinum - The power and the feel of championship play!
SKU: 747P

The Grand Master earns its name by capturing the essence of top-level chess competition, not only in its powerful play, but in its look and feel. Its tournament–size vinyl playing surface shows off a meticulously crafted set of official pieces, weighted so they won’t tip over during a game. And Grand Master features some of the most technologically advanced chess features in the world. The result–a highly sophisticated but easy-to-use competition chess computer that combines classic design with 21st century technology. World's first auto sensory board with actual vinyl surface used in tournament play. Official-sized, weighted chess pieces with 3.5" king. Super strong chess program capable of beating over 99% of all chess players. Estimated rating of approximately 2100 master-strength. 2 Large LCD Displays with Dual Chess Clocks and Countdown Timer shows your every move, hints, warnings, and scores 100 levels of play, plus 5 teach modes, 32 book opening trainers, and 32 great games. 1 or 2-person mode with scoring, hints and analysis. Feather-touch auto sensory move entry system with unique durable vinyl surface with magnetic sensors to accurately track your every move. Saves game in memory for future use. Relive 32 of the World’s Greatest Chess Games. Replay some of the most brilliant, most instructional chess games of all time! Advanced teaching mode enables each player to track their scores as well as receive hints. Allows beginners to play on par with advanced players through the assistance of the computer. Powered by 4 “AA” batteries or optional A/C adapter.

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